Endorsed by WEAC

1. Overturn Act 10 and protect Collective Bargaining 
2. Promote equal and affordable access to broadband 
3. Tax dollars used for supporting public/community schools, ending voucher programs

VOTE FOR DEB SILVERS to fight for equitable access for all students during the Covid-19, Pandemic.

Endorsed by The Sierra Club      

1. Work to eliminate carbon base fuel 
2. Support programming and financing to preserve-natural areas and improve outdoor recreation
3. Fight to support all initiatives for clean water, air, and land for the health of our communities and economy

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"Dedicated to research, advocacy and education" 
Proud Womenheart Champion since, 2008
"Womenheart is the first and only national patient-centered organization serving women with heart disease


Wisconsin Education Association Council

National Association of Social Workers-Wisconsin Chapter

Clean Wisconsin Action Fund

Citizen Action of Wisconsin

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws NormL

Sierra Club

NDRC Fair Maps Pledge

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