"Your Voice, Your Vote"

"Your Voice,
 Your Vote"
 Deb Silvers for
 Assembly 40

It's pretty simple, we need change in our representation in the 40th Assembly District. That change begins with someone who understands the needs of our communities and schools. Has experienced the inequalities in healthcare. And lived in Wisconsin's great               ut-of-doors

I believe in investing in our future by supporting legislation for clean water and equality in education and healthcare. "The language of unity is critical during these historic challenges that we are facing." Condoleeza Rice.
COVID-19 Pandemic has knocked Wisconsinities to their knees. We have an enormous task in front of us, so together with "your voice and vote," I will fight to lift Wisconsin back up again and work to create fair maps. 

Working for the future generations to provide the best schools, healthcare and environment in Wisconsin...

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November 3, 2020 Election

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